Lochbroom Woodfuels

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Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd is a community-owned social enterprise based in Ullapool, in the Highlands of Scotland. We're committed to creating a reliable and sustainable firewood supply chain in our area and providing supported training and work placements for young people.

New Vehicle for LBWF Deliveries

Lochbroom Woodfuels needs a Pick Up
Old Lady Landy needs to retire and Lochbroom Woodfuels needs funding for a pick up truck to replace her. Ullapool Community Trust have kindly given us a loan but it needs to be repaid, the sooner the better so we are asking for help. All that we can offer is a warm feeling, a glow of satisfaction that you are helping secure the future of this local woodfuel business.

* If you value firewood deliveries to your door
* If you value locally sourced, sustainable woodfuel
* If you value our free stacking service for elderly and vulnerable customers
* If you value training and employment opportunities in your local community
 We urgently need to raise £4000 to replace our ancient Landrover - dear Lady Landy - and we can do it, if every one of Landy’s friends and supporters gives just £15.
Lady Landy has given her all - delivering over 200 tons of firewood to households in Lochbroom and Coigach last winter alone - but she is no longer up to the job. She’s tired and, like many of us of a certain age (myself included) a bit leaky. Her gusset is rotting. Her hips are wide, but they can no longer cope with the weight. It’s time to retire.
Ullapool Community Trust have given us a loan to buy a replacement delivery vehicle, but of course loans must be repaid which means additional financial pressure on a small social enterprise where margins are extremely tight. The more we can raise from our community - from our friends, supporters, customers - the less debt we will need to take on.
You may not have met Landy but if you visit our website or our Facebook page you can see her and the other members of the LBWF team.
If you believe in what LBWF is aiming to achieve for our community - affordable fuel, locally and sustainably sourced, caring for our customers and offering training and employment opportunities - please Look out for our Just Giving appeal we will shortly be launching. We are so grateful for your support to help LBWF continue to thrive. www.lochbroomwoodfuels.com