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Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd is a community-owned social enterprise based in Ullapool, in the Highlands of Scotland. We're committed to creating a reliable and sustainable firewood supply chain in our area and providing supported training and work placements for young people.

Recycled pallet wood store

The sun was almost shining, the office internet had gone down and there was a pile of broken pallets to be sorted out.  It was perfect timing to try building a recycled pallet wood store.  Our website has a link to a video by Woodfuel Scotland about how to build a wood store.   We used what we could remember from this to create our own.

All we needed was a hammer, 25-30 x 4 inch nails, 5 broken pallets of roughly the same size and weight, some extra sheets of wood and a lot of determination.

First, we chose a suitable location for the wood store – a flat, sunny and windy site, as sheltered from rain as possible.  Then we hunted out 5 pallets - we found smaller, lightweight ones easier to fit together.  The most stable pallet became the base and we nailed on 2 sides and a roof.  The nails have to go through the pallet blocks at an angle as Euan demonstrates in the photo.


A sloping roof with a secure covering should help the rain to drain off.  We removed the front, bottom bar of a pallet and nailed it onto the top pallet.  We didn’t get this quite right, but it still works!   Then we used off-cuts of sheets of wood to cover it, but you could use an old tarpaulin or such like. 


We’ve stacked the wood fairly loosely to let the air circulate and dry the wood.  More about wood stacking to follow in future blogs though!  We’ve sometimes got spare pallets at the yard which we could let you take away if you’d like to build your own wood store - phone or pop in to find out.