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Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd is a community-owned social enterprise based in Ullapool, in the Highlands of Scotland. We're committed to creating a reliable and sustainable firewood supply chain in our area and providing supported training and work placements for young people.

Machinery hire

We can take our mobile log processor off-site to make firewood at customers' premises. This service is aimed at small woodland owners or domestic customers who use firewood as their main fuel. 

  • cuts stems with a diameter of up to 14" (36cm)
  • 2 to 8 tonne splitting force
  • choice of 2-way, 4-way and 6-way splitting axes
  • the hydraulic log lift minimizes back and arm strain
  • splits logs from 6" to 23" (15cm to 60cm) long so you can tailor your firewood to suit your stove or boiler
  • powered by a Honda engine or a tractor PTO

Manufacturer's product information sheet (pdf)


For optimum production, we recommend that the processing is carried out by a team of two of our trained operatives. If the site is set up correctly, our operatives can process 3 cubic metres of split logs an hour. If you are able to buy in green timber for around £35/tonne including delivery, this equates to approximately £27 per m3 of processed split logs. 


If you want to be involved in the production of your firewood, you can hire the machine in with one trained operative. If you choose this option, please arrange for at least two fit people to help with moving timber and split logs around the site, to make maximum use of the machine. We cannot guarantee a productivity level with this option, but will work to your pace.

To get the most benefit out of the processor the site should be laid out so that:

  • we can position the machine on a hardstanding or other flat area
  • the timber lengths are stacked neatly on skids, angled so that they can roll directly on to the processor
  • there is space for a trailer, pick-up or dump truck to take the split logs from the conveyor feed

Unless we are able to combine two small jobs, our minimum hire period is one seven-hour day. 

Hire rates are inclusive of petrol, oil and chains. Mileage is charged at £0.45/mile. For hires which are more than one hour's drive away from our yard in Ullapool we make a charge for subsistence and overnight accommodation if the hire takes more than one day.

Full terms and conditions

For further information or to book the machine please contact our office on 01854 612328 or email office@lochbroomwoodfuels.com.